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A blend of South American and East African Arabicas, with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity notes; its finely ground texture creates an Italian-style coffee: intense, with a rich flavor and full body and strong notes softened by a hint of chocolate. A subtle contrast between strength and bitterness, acidic and fruity notes.  Intensity  10

Indriya of India

The Arabica and Robusta chosen for this blend grow in southern India, in the shade of large trees that also provide shelter for pepper and spice growing. Grown on high altitude plantations, the Robusta we use is a very pure coffee, very intense and slightly bitter. Only absolutely perfect beans, which have passed a rigorous selection process, the Arabica is lightly roasted, to preserve its subtle aromas. In contrast, the Robusta is well roasted to reveal its intensity and develop a full body. Very fine grinding supports the body and enhances the flavor. Cocoa and dry plant notes, as well as a spicy bouquet is reminiscent of cloves, pepper and nutmeg.  Intensity  9


A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, which gives it a strong character and intense full body this is enhanced by cocoa notes with malted profiles, characteristic of Costa Rican coffees.  Arpeggio is then roasted intensely to bringing out its full body from the fine grinding of the beans which intensifies the grilled notes alongside subtle cocoa and woody hints.  Intensity  8


This pure Central America espresso is a well-balanced and characterized by roasted caramelized notes; a predominant Costa Rican and Colombian bean it’s cultivated according to traditional methods to preserve their malted and fruity profiles.  A medium roast with whilst fruit evolve to create a complex and delicate caramelized bouquet of cereal and malted notes.  Intensity  7


Rosabaya de Columbia

Individually roasted Colombian Arabicas allows this pure original espresso to develop subtle acidity with red fruit and winery notes of blackcurrants, cranberries and redcurrants.  Cultivated from small coffee growers in the high region of Colombia its hand-picked and treated with the wet method to intensify aroma then dried in parchment and transferred to the Paramo de Letras region where the cold dry climate preserves the freshness.  Intensity  6


Dulsao do Brasil

This Brazilian is characterized by a blend of red and yellow bourbon beans.  The treatment process is semi-dry to allow the mucilage sugars to infuse the beans with a more mellow flavor.  Grown on the hilltop plantations of southern Brazil, they are harvested by hand then pulped and sun dried which lets the sugar flavor come to the fore-front.  Intensity  4



An elegant and precise blend reinforced with several South American Arabicas, revealing a red fruit note, and a touch of Robusta.  A short, light roasting accentuated by the grinding process is adjusted to obtain a coffee that’s light yet distinctive.  Hints of red fruit, typical of certain wines, softened by notes of dried fruits, coffee beans and a “”milky-buttery”” note.”  Intensity  2


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(Milk Chocolate Coca also available)

Choices of Coffee

Italian Roast, Jamaican blend, German Chocolate Cake, Butter Toffee and Decaffeinated

Choices of Tea

Indian Spice Chia, Mandarin Orange Herbal, Green tea with Pomegranate, English Breakfast Black, Tazo flavored teas and Decaffeinated

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