Steamin’ Hot Toddy’s

The Cozy Monk $9.75
Mug of Creamy Hot Chocolate with a Shot of Frangelico and a Splash of Chambord

The Pointer $10.50
Bird Dog Apple Whiskey, Ginger Beer, and Hot Cider in a Copper Mule Mug

Hot Coffees, Teas, Espressos & Cappucinos

Coffee 2.95
Columbian Supreme,  French Roast
Kona,  Hazelnut,  Caramel Cream

Decaffeinated Coffee 2.95
French Vanilla,  Breakfast Blend
Hazelnut,  Caramel Cream

Espressos & Cappuccinos 3.95
Arabica (Light Intensity)
Espresso (Medium Intensity)
Intenso (Intense)
Verona (High Intensity)
Lungo (Higher Intensity)
Ristretto (Highest Intensity)

Organic Teas 2.95
Earl Grey,   Chai Black Tea
Sweet Cinnamon Black Tea
Oolong/Jasmine Green (Less-Caf)
Pomegranate Green Tea (De-Caf)
Pure Green Tea (De-caf)
Chamomile Citrus Tea (De-caf)
Lemon Ginger Herbal (De-Caf)
Rooibos Hibiscus Tea (De-Caf)