In View of Covid-19

Good morning Bistro friends and fans. Recently, I know many of us are struggling to find that fine line between caution and panic regarding the spread of Covid-19. We want to keep our families safe but we want to keep as much normalcy as possible too. So if you have an occasion to enjoy an evening at the Bistro we want to increase your comfort zone with regard to your safety in our establishment. So below I have made two lists : Things we have always done to keep you safe and Things we will be doing IN ADDITION to reduce any risks of Covid-19 transmission.

Things we have ALWAYS done.

1. I insist on frequent handwashing upon arrival, before and after each task, etc. However when handling any foods we always wear gloves to protect against cross contamination. Gloves are changed frequently between each task.

2. Every plate, glass, and utensil are either soaked for an allotted amount of time in a sanitizing solution or washed mechanically at 185* F.

3. Most importantly, even to our own detriment and including ourselves. We do not allow employees to work who exhibit symptoms of viral infections, cold or flu, even if those symptoms are mild.

4. Surfaces in the restaurant are cleaned before after and even during each dinner service with sanitizing bleach solutions. This includes tabletops, door handles, faucets, bars, menus, etc.

5. We close for three and a half days early in the week. Research released just yesterday states that Covid 19 can survive only up to 72 hours undisturbed on a surface. Our weekly midweek downtime is about 90 hours.

6. A servers hand will never touch the rim of your plate. We provide single use heatproof towels for thier use in transporting food from the kitchen.


1. We are removing and/or combining tables in our dining areas to provide larger gaps between separate parties.

2. We will not be reseating any tables during the course of the night.

3. Every table will be stripped and bleached before and after each use.

4. At every opportunity where weather permits dining outside on our patio will be available. Increased table gaps for your comfort zone will be provided there as well.

5. After MUCH debate and certainly mixed feelings we have decided that for the time being we will not be seating children in our main dining room or main bar (as they are less likely to remember to observe the rules of coughing and handwashing) However, they will still be welcome on the patio and in our two smaller dining rooms.

6. We will be offering and even encouraging pickup service at the front door for those who would prefer not to even enter a public building. For those that choose this service we can offer a 10% discount for making it easy on us.

Thank you so much for all those that took a few moments to read this post. We are very proud of our record of cleanliness with the VDH and realize the importance of stepping up our due diligence for your safety and ours.

One last thing…. if you’re feeling any cold, flu, or corona virus symptoms….just stay home or arrange to pick up a meal at the curb. We will take care of you…just watch out for us as well. That’s how I know our community will recover and prosper through this stressful time, because we’re watching out for each other. #mathewsstrong
Chef Walt

Our Health Report

Most restaurants would cringe to have their guests peeking behind the door and into the kitchen for fearing of losing the magic or of what germs might be lurking in the shadows.  At the White Dog we refer to the back door as our “VIP” entrance because its where our oldest and most esteemed patrons choose to enter due to the gentle slope of its ramp.  What they see behind the curtain is a treat, a concert all its own, with sights of steam and fire,  sounds of chopping, sizzling, and the waft of garlic and smoke from the grill.  What they may not even notice is our most prize pieces of artwork posted up on the bulletin board; the most recent Food Establishment Health Reports from the Virginia Department of Health and Social Services.  Where most restaurants will have a list of infractions, the Bistro’s will invariably say “No Violations Cited!” , “Nice Job!”,  “Beautiful!” And even “A++!”

Most recently. Dated November 20th, 2019

May 23rd, 2019
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December 28th, 2018
Latest Report Dated August 30, 2018
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