Wine Down Bar Cigars
We have 3 designated areas to enjoy the art of the Cigars at the Wine Down Bar

The first area is a large rear courtyard where you can relax and enjoy live music under the stars. At another location there is a small casual front patio where you can watch the cars roll by while sitting at high-top bar tablescigars1 and lastly there is our elegant covered front porch where you’ll enjoy relaxing in the deep cushioned outdoor chairs while taking in a view of Putin Creek.

We have a full service cigar shop with over 30 different types of cigars for sale (both boxes & singles) plus cutters, lighters and specialty cigar ashtrays.

Everyone has their own personal favorite but no matter what you pick you can always count on it being special.


We tend to think of cigars like we do wine…something to be savored, discussed, compared and celebrated. Our knowledge of Cigars, Single Malt Scotches, Aged Bourbons and Cognacs is unprecedented in the area.
Cognac and Cigar


So stop in to enjoy a great smoke here or to pick up a few to take home.

Selection of Cigars