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Instead of using their real voice and real face to train the Bright Red Phone during setup, they “sock puppet” with video and recordings of their un-favorite politicians, including POTUS
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In the last 5 years or so, I have adopted a healther lifesytle, organic when possible, exercise, hobbies that feed my soul There was something missing and I know what that is now
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A nurse or lactation consultant (a health care provider with special training in breastfeeding) can help you find a good position.
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I provide affordable hair and makeup workshops at different levels where stylists can come to practice and learn new techniques”.
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The poor are poor because of greedy sociopaths who have shaped the American society in such a way that the people who do the heavy lifting of society are doing it for ten cents on the dollar
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Pharmacies receive a dispensing fee, which partially compensates the pharmacy for the overhead of stocking the drugs
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