Our Health Report

Most restaurants would cringe to have their guests peeking behind the door and into the kitchen for fearing of losing the magic or of what germs might be lurking in the shadows.  At the White Dog we refer to the back door as our “VIP” entrance because its where our oldest and most esteemed patrons choose to enter due to the gentle slope of its ramp.  What they see behind the curtain is a treat, a concert all its own, with sights of steam and fire,  sounds of chopping, sizzling, and the waft of garlic and smoke from the grill.  What they may not even notice is our most prize pieces of artwork posted up on the bulletin board; the most recent Food Establishment Health Reports from the Virginia Department of Health and Social Services.  Where most restaurants will have a list of infractions, the Bistro’s will invariably say “No Violations Cited!” , “Nice Job!”,  “Beautiful!” And even “A++!”

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May 23rd, 2019
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December 28th, 2018
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