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organic brain damage 2.5 mg (1 /2 tablet), if necessary, the dose may be gradually increased to a maximum

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you are not doing the prep properly or using the proper solution (not acetone); most base coats cure

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We treated every day just what we could find on the mattress without taking it apart for a week, then we did the entire room, mattress, box springs one time

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The work I thought I doing was no longer to be accomplished in hyperspace, the work is to be attempted in linear space

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Individual patient data were checked by a data supervisor on a weekly basis, and any data entry errors identified were corrected by referring to the hospital records

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All I want is to be able to prevent myself from getting horribly sick.

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He came back to me and again went wild

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Media attention should give long-term neurological problems with hiv infection

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Most of the damage caused by bipolar disorder could be avoided with speedier diagnosis and adherence to treatment

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Increases of 5 to 6 percent are predicted on average, but the jump could be much higher in some cases—20 percent at the CSU campuses

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experiments is to assess the confusability of a proposed name by inserting it into a variety of prescribing,

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